CentaurUnlimited Access to Zuu Classes for a 1 year contract.





Unlimited Access to all Classes (including the Speed and Agility Courses) offered during regular business  hours.  This requires a one year commitment.




This is the Speed and Agility program.  It runs for six weeks and includes two sessions a week.  This is a highly specialized class with the intent of helping you build both lateral and linear speed.  Focus will be catered to the sport of your choice.



This is the most intensive program we offer.  This is a six month commitment.  Here you will receive health coaching, instruction in the form of a monthly workshop, and a nutrition program to help you work on diet and stress while having unlimited access to the gym to work on your physical fitness.  This program will create the greatest change as we focus on the three main areas of health:  exercise, diet, and lifestyle.



We also offer drop in classes to Zuu and Zuu packs.

Friday will be a Zuu infused class that will allow drop ins, but comes at an additional fee to the regular drop in price. The packs allow access to this class at no additional cost.

Personal training, individual health coaching, and nutrition programs can be delivered both online and in-person. Each comes with additional fees.  Online training for non members is $50.00 a month, and nutrition plans are additional $25/month.  Please email or call to request information on how to sign up for these features.