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Zuu is an internationally acclaimed fitness class and lifestyle.  Community and movement is everything in Zuu.  Using primal, instinctive movement patterns, in interval training, you are able to increase range of motion, liberating human movement, and increasing your quality of life.  The workout can be regressed and progressed to adjust for injuries phased training, and intense athletic needs.


Using proven techniques from some of the leading certifying bodies, you will be taken through a series of exercised and routines to garner the athletic abilities needed for your sport.

Function Fitness

This is the heart of it all.  We have adult monkey bars (higher off the ground to accommodate for you tall humans), rotational trainers, and some new equipment to help you build your body for what it was meant to do:  move.  We focus on movement patterns that are used throughout your day, and some that are just fun to try.  Balance and stabilization are at the heart of the class,as is core work.

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