Welcome to the home of movement!  Named after the Greek God of Health (and the Sun), Apollo.  His temple was located at Delphi, and hence, how you have arrived at Apollo Delphi.  Since we focus on health and community, it seemed the fitting name.


1316 St. Louis Ave; Kansas City, MO 64101

Kansas City’s Zuu Affiliate!

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Speed and agility classes, functional fitness, and bodyweight experts.  Apollo Delphi delivers high end fitness, cutting edge trends, and everything you need to get fit for life.


Apollo Delphi LLC is a group personal training facility and the first to bring Zuu to Kansas City.  Here, you will receive attention from a personal trainer, while enjoying the community of a group of like-minded individuals.  Find your health here at Apollo Delphi, in the West Bottoms.  There are three main types of classes offered, all geared to getting you to where you want to be.  With a heavy focus on body weight training, range of motion and stabilization, this is not the gym to bulk at: it’s the gym to move! Zuu will bring you range of motion, functional fitness will bring you strength, and speed classes will make you fast.

We also offer online personal training, health coaching, and nutrition services.  Inquire within or call us at 816-945-7577 for more information about any of our programs.